Saturday, 28 February 2009

We're so going!

It was a big exciting and stressful week last week. Rach had a phone interview way back on BLACK FRIDAY (oooooo) and she was told that we'd hear back about the position by the end of the month... meaning last week. And we did... She got the job.

So suddenly this is all a whole lot more real. Having Plane tickets booked and paid for just meant that we were definitely going for a holiday... now we have to stay.

So now we can stop stressing about Rach getting a job and start stressing more about finding me a job, money, finding and apartment, money for an apartment, getting a work permit, money for a work permit, packing up everything we own and finding enough money. This would all be a lot easier if someone over there would employ me or we could win Lotto. Either will help but I'm hoping for the latter.

Apart from all the stress I am starting to get excited now!