Wednesday, 31 March 2010

March 2010

Not much happened this month so I'm able to to write about it in one post.

We decided to head over to Victoria on Vancouver Island for the weekend of the 6th and 7th of March. As we had been over here before we were able to just relax and take it easy. We didn't have to be tourists, well not completely anyway. We didn't do much throughout the day, it was a beautiful day however still a little cool being Winter. We managed to see the flame for the Para-Olympics and hung around listening for a while. After this we headed around the waterfront for a stroll. Its such a beautiful walk around there and the scenery is stunning. We went to get the best fish n chips, however they were closed today. We'll have to go next time.

That evening we went on a ghost walk around Victoria, this was well worth it, not only did we get a ghost tour but it also tells you a little about the history of Victoria. We got to walk around the streets, go into dark alley ways and even into an old building which has a history of being haunted. Was a little scary but I don't think we got to experience any ghostly spirits. Would definitely like to do other walks in different cities if I can. What we didn't know until we did the walk was that the pub we had been sitting in that evening was one of the places that was believed to be haunted. Therefore we had to head back afterwards to have a few more drinks and a better look around inside at some of the things he had pointed out. A very nice old pub, and even better with live music.

The next day we were quite tired and decided to just have a coffee and then head back towards Vancouver.

March 11th, I headed out for dinner with some of the girls from work, for a Birthday dinner for one of them. We went to a restaurant called Goldfish and then out for some drinks and dancing at a bar called bar none. Not really somewhere I would have normally gone, and not the door price I would have normally paid but it was fun anyway. Had a little more to drink than expected but I didn't have to work the next day so who cares.

On March 14th 2010 in New Zealand something very exciting happened. I became and Aunty to beautiful Hannah Sophie Boud. I was talking to Mum and Dad on skype when Vanessa rung them to say she was heading to the hospital. That morning at around 4am I got a phone call from Vanessa to say Hannah had arrived very fast at 11.59pm March 14th. Its all very exciting!! Can't wait to meet her.

March 17th I went to lunch with a couple of girls from work. It was such a nice day we went for a walk around the waterfront then headed to a nice place for a coffee. I must say this was the best Cappuccino I have ever had while in Canada, I don't normally get them here as they are so bad, but this one was exceptional. I must go back.

This evening we had a Para-Olympic Ice Sledge Hockey game to go to. I left the girls and jumped on the bus to go and meet Cam. This was fun to watch basically they have what appears similar to a wheelchair that sits on one blade. They hold onto sticks which have a head to hit the ball with and a claw on the other end to pull them along the ice. Very skillful I must say, and they definitely hit into each other hard as well. It was a good game, Sweden pulled out a win against Korea. After this we decided we had to have one drink in the pub for St Paddies day so stopped by the Irish pub for one.

The last weekend in March we ended up doing a couple of things, nothing too energetic but fun none the less. Friday 26th I was off work and went for a walk along the waterfront again and headed out for lunch with Lynne and Lauren. This evening I meet Cam for some drinks and dinner at Cardero's, one of the restaurants we like here in Vancouver. It's right on the waterfront and you can get nice views from here. This particular day we had a few bald eagles circling around the water with crows chasing them. Saturday 27th was a relaxing day, we stayed home and watched a movie with some pizza, nice thing to do when its cold and raining outside.

Sunday 28th we headed to a small vegetarian place to meet up with some friends, not really my choice of food but it turned out to be not too bad. I was meeting up with an English friend Andrea that I was chatting to in February at our nursing exam. She was celebrating being in Vancouver for 1 year. The place we went to was very hippy like, we were served our drinks in jam jars, very unique we thought. We ordered some food for lunch/afternoon tea as it was 3pm at this stage and hung out there for a while drinking as the food and drinks were super cheap. We ended up leaving at about 6 or 7pm, I can't quite remember, well we tried to leave anyway except we all kept talking to each other, so decided to head to Cactus club for dinner as well. It was a great afternoon and evening, we met lot of nice people.