Sunday, 22 March 2009

Am I a bum now?

I did it, its final now.  I've handed in my notice at work.  This means that we're definitely going now.

I've never handed notice in before.  So far I've either transferred, been made redundant or just told the boss - who was also the owner.  I take it from the reactions I got that what I wrote was good - but then, if it wasn't, what are they going to do :-)?

Its starting to feel like I really have a handle on things, except money of course.  Only  a few things left to be done around the home, other than the things that can only be done last thing.  Work is done.  Last Friday we sent of the paperwork for our work permits and Rach is going to send in the last of the paperwork tomorrow.  Nothing left to do now but wait and save :-)

No doubt I'll be freaking out about it all again next week but for now I'm excited.

61 Days to go!