Saturday, 25 April 2009

Home is where the heart is

Last weekend was busy - very busy. It was the Hamilton 400 here and we didn't want to miss a second, as well as that I was in an email conversation with someone in Vancouver. I was organising an apartment for us.

I had been starting to stress about not being able to find somewhere to stay and with the winter Olympics happening and Vancouver next year it was only going to get harder and more expensive - that's what everyone was telling me. I sent a company that assists with relocation an email asking if they had had any luck find us a place and within 48 hours I had an email with an apartment. Another 72 hours later I was sending a deposit to secure it. We're just waiting on confirmation and some "paper" work now.

So we've got a nice one bedroom apartment on the 7th floor and has "a wonderful north and east facing view" and a balcony we can sit on to enjoy it. Rach can walk to work and we can go nice walks to False Creek, Granville Island and Kits beach - because I love long walks on the beach. The rent is a little more than I'd like for a one bedroom place but it is furnished and includes high speed WIFI internet, land phone line, digital TV with a deluxe package of TV stations, water and electricity. It's also a little smaller than I'd like but at this stage we're only committed to three months there so we'll see how it goes - it may turn out to be perfect in which case we can take a 1 year lease.

I guess we'll see how it looks when we get there. At this stage its just a huge relief to know we've got somewhere to go when we get there.


27 days till we fly out!